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Superior Staffing and Steadfast Care

By concentrating on providing a superior response to issues with care staffing levels, we are revolutionising healthcare. Since our beginning, we have established ourselves as a respected social and healthcare specialist in the UK, delivering professional personnel to a variety of care settings, including live-in care, agency staff cover, and domiciliary care. Get in contact with us to discover the GE-First Healthcare difference where efficient staffing meets steadfast care. Our company redefines healthcare rather than merely providing employees.

Specialist and Palliative Care

Specialist and Palliative Care

We are able to assist elderly citizens who are either physically incapacitated, suffer from dementia or other mental health disorders, or just require care as a natural consequence of advancing age. Support services such as personal care and medication administration are included in our specialised and palliative care services as part of our comprehensive offering.

Live-in care

Live-In Care and Support

With live-in care, you have access to reliable assistance twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from a dedicated carer who resides in your house and is always there to assist you.
We are aware of how challenging it may be to assist or take care of a family member who has additional care requirements. Our round-the-clock care is customised to meet your unique requirements, preferences, and routines as a result.

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary Care

The phrase “domiciliary care” refers to a variety of different services that assist individuals in remaining in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Domiciliary carers, also known as home carers or private health carers, are healthcare assistants who provide patients with live-in care or daily visits in order to assist them in maintaining their independence while residing in their own homes. They provide assistance with things like personal care, cleaning, taking prescriptions, moving about, and a variety of other tasks in order to maintain a good quality of life.

Emergency Care and Short call visits

Emergency Care & Short call visits

People who require immediate assistance with tasks related to daily life at home are candidates for emergency home care services. This allows individuals to maintain their autonomy and continue living in the familiar surroundings of their own house. After making your initial contact with GE-First Healthcare for emergency home care, you will be able to acquire assistance from a sitter who has received extensive training within the space of just one day. Care requirements can arise with little to no advanced warning or opportunity for preparation.

24-Hour Agency Staff Cover

Medical emergencies might occur at any time, thus mental tranquilly shouldn’t be limited to the daytime. In order to make sure that you and your loved ones have access to high-quality care whenever you need it, we provide a 24-hour agency cover service.

Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services

We at GE-First Healthcare recognise the value of independent living and the particular difficulties that some people may have in preserving it. Because of this, we are glad to provide our all-inclusive supported living service, which is designed to provide you or your loved ones the freedom to live life to the fullest. Discover more about our supported living services.

dementia care

Dementia Care

Dementia, a multifaceted challenge impacting daily functioning, memory, and cognitive abilities, encompasses diverse conditions, each characterised by unique features. Among the most widespread forms are Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. At GE-First Healthcare, our strategy is tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals navigating this journey, acknowledging the intricate nature of these conditions.

residential care

Residential Care

At GE-First Healthcare, we understand the significance of maintaining independent living and the specific challenges individuals may face in upholding it. As a result, we are pleased to offer our comprehensive supported living service, crafted to grant you or your loved ones the autonomy to embrace life to the fullest. Explore further details about our supported living services.

nursing care

Nursing Care

At GE-First Healthcare, we are reshaping the standards of nursing care by placing your comfort and well-being at the forefront. Our commitment is to ensure that you receive top-notch support on your journey to wellness, facilitated by the diligence and dedication of our team of qualified nurses.

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